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At LivsVinn, there is a wide range of products in different categories. The products vary from day to day, but by following LivsVinn on Instagram, you get a good picture of which products are currently in the store. You can also contact us if you have any questions about the offer.



Tired legs?
A bit hungry?
Coffee break with friends?

Need a place to study?
Want to do a good deed?

Everyone is welcome!


LivsVinn offers different food products from day to day. Come in and let yourself be surprised or check Instagram what has come in for the day. LivsVinn also gives new life, if possible, to products that would otherwise be thrown away, by creating a new product with a longer shelf life.

We always have II class vegetables according to season.

Hygiene products

With us, you can also find products in other categories, such as different types of hygiene products.


These products are collected in a separate place in the store.



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