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MON-FRI   10-18:30   

SAT    10-15


Mån-Fre 12-18:30

Lör 10-15

Food Waste

Business idea

LivsVinn wants to offer producers and consumers a chance to reduce food waste, save money and at the same time doing a good deed for the society. Every year a part of the profit goes to a local project or charity.

A win-win situation for everyone!



LivsVinn offers everything from vegetables, fruits, bakery products and food boxes to hygiene and cleaning products. Common to certain products is that they are not daily fresh and therefore sold to lower price.

You will also find a small cozy café where you can have a coffee break or light lunch.



You will find LivsVinn in the growing business area of Högback in Närpes, next door to Hoppets Stjärna.

LivsVinn creates a win-win situation for everyone

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Want to reduce food waste?
Become more environmentally friendly?
Reduce your expenses?
Do a good deed?

The shop LivsVinn makes all this possible!
LivsVinn sells products with a 20-90% discount.

Drop in and take a look and have a coffee break at the same time.


Linnea Strand & LivsVinn har tilldelats pris för innovativt ungt företagande som delas ut av Egil Gullströms Stiftelse.

STORT TACK till alla kunder, samarbetspartners och anställda som är med i kampen mot minskat matsvinn!

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